Bought a new Able bike and have a few questions?  You're in the right place.

1) What should I do if the transport box my bicycle arrived in shows signs of damage?

If the transport box shows significant deformation, large tears, is open or if you can see damage to your new bicycle please take photos of the box and damage.  Though we take every precaution to insure your bicycle arrives undamaged, sometimes things happen that are out of our control.  We know it's not fun to have your new bike arrive in less than perfect condition.  Reach out to us via Chat, Email or Phone at your earliest convenience and we will help make it right.

2) Should I build my new bicycle myself?

Only if you are a professional bicycle mechanic.  Bicycles have many systems, each requiring specific tools, knowledge and training to properly assemble, adjust and use safely.  Please take your new bicycle to a trained and certified professional bicycle mechanic.  Mobile bicycle mechanics and assembly services are sometimes available in larger cities.  Reach out and we'll help you look for one!  Once you have your bicycle assembled, send us a copy of the receipt and we'll send you a $20 dollar coupon to use in our online store.  It's a little something to say thanks for getting your bicycle assembled by a pro.

3) I read #2 but still want to build it myself.

Your new bicycle was inspected and packaged by a certified mechanic.  The frame, shock and wheels have been visually inspected. Gears have been adjusted, wheels trued and brakes tuned.  This does not mean it is ready to ride.  Though the bicycle is 95% complete the last steps like installing the front wheel, handle bar and pedals are critical.  If you are not handy, do not have prior experience and/or training building bicycles then please do not assemble it yourself.  See #2 (plus you get a 20 dollar coupon to help offset the assembly charge at your local bike shop).

4) Does my new bicycle come with tools to assemble it.

No.  We do not provide tools and expect you to have your bicycle assembled by a professional.  Hand tools needed for assembly are: flat blade and Phillips head screwdrivers, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 8mm hex wrenches, 9/16th's pedal wrench, torque wrench.

5) Can I mount a water bottle holder(cage) or kickstand to my new bicycle?

Yes, most of our bicycles have a standard bolt pattern for common water bottle cages.  You can find these under our accessories section.  Most local bike shops can install a kickstand for you, but it's best if you order one along with your bicycle so we can install it for you.  Note that water bottle cages may not be installed in order to minimize the risk of damage.  They will be packaged with your owners manual and pedals in a separate box inside your bicycle box.

6) I think I ordered too small or too large a bicycle.  How can I be sure I got the right size?

Mistakes happen, but we like to avoid them when possible.  If you've measured yourself and looked up your height on our sizing chart then you're off to a great start.  All of our bicycles will have the frame size on a small sticker behind the seat tube of the frame.  This is found on the frame below where you sit in a "V" shaped area of the frame.  If you suspect the frame is too large or too small, please reach out so we're Able to make things right.

7) My bicycle shows delivered but I haven't received it.

It's happened to us a few times too!  To help avoid this all of our bicycles are shipped with tracking and signature required by UPS or FedEx.  If something strange is happening let us know and we'll look into it.  We want you to get your new bicycle as fast as possible too!

8) I need to return my bicycle/item(s).

Bicycles/item(s) may be returned within 15 days for bicycles and 30 days for all other items.  All bicycles/item(s) must be in like new condition in original packaging.  Items other than like new or without original packaging will not be accepted.  Please reach out to us by Chat, Email or Phone and we will provide a Return Authorization number.  Items that are returned without prior authorization will be refused.  Please clearly write the Return Authorization number on the outside of your box.  Items received more than 30 days after the Return Authorization has been issued will not be accepted.  Items older than 30 days or that have been used or damaged by improper use or assembly will not be accepted.  Upon arrival all returns will be throughly inspected.  Any items not meeting the above requirements of like-new in original condition and packaging will be subject to a restocking fee or adjustment of the refund amount at the sole discretion of Able Bicycle Company.  Typically refunds are issued within 2-3 business days of receiving your item in our warehouse. Refunds may take up to 2-3 weeks to appear on your bank statement depending on issuing bank and payment type.  Refunds will not be issued on in transit bicycles/item(s).

9) What is your shipping policy?

     You can find our shipping policy here.

10) What is your return policy?

     You can find our return policy here.

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