Welcome to the Able Ambassador Program and thank you for joining the Able Crew!

Program benefits:

Able Gear: Able Ambassadors will be given all non bicycle product through an exclusive, 1 time use coupon code. (example: Able announces a new combo light, you will be given access to that product for free with a coupon code.) (example: Able introduces a new jersey/bib combo, you will be given access to that product for free with a coupon code.)

Able Bicycles: AA will have early access to Able demo bicycles/prototypes/preproduction bicycles to use at their discretion. Top performing ambassadors will be given new bicycles based on referral performance. Hooray free bikes! (example: Able launches a new ebike and your referral code is utilized the most in the 30 days after the ebike is launched, you will be given a new, non demo version of that ebike in your preferred size). Sweet!

Able Discount: AA's will be given a unique coupon code which will provide 50% off Able gear and bikes for their personal use. (example: you loved the jersey you received for free, and would like additional colors, versions etc) (example: you demo'd our AL13 road bike and want one to keep for yourself)

We invite you to review, use, abuse and test all Able gear and bicycles while sharing your referral code with friends, family, followers etc. Your unique referral coupon code/referral link will earn you commissions for as long as you are active in our program. By using your code/link your referee will save 3% on bicycles and 10% on accessories.

Digital Assets: Able will provide photos, video, copy etc which you will find within our Able Affiliate program. It is important to note, all Able Ambassadors can be Able Affiliates, but not all affiliates are ambassadors.

Affiliate Training: Able's Affiliate program will give you access to best practices training for affiliate marketing.


Program requirements: We require professionalism and courtesy. Ambassador's are expected to share their passion for biking while maintaining Able Bike Co brand integrity.

Product launch: We may invite you to participate in coordinated product launches. You may be given new product and asked share your own, or supplied digital assets on certain days or date ranges.


If you have any questions please reach out to admin@ablebicyclecompany.com

Thank you!

-Able Crew

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